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Written, performed, produced, and recorded by Shayla McDaniel 

Mixed and mastered by MiAH at The Sound Lair

Definitive Unknowns


I slide in

Sit down in

My chair I’ve had for years

It won’t hold

It creaks then it folds

And I’m lying on the floor


Nobody’s laughing

Nobody cares

It’s all the same here

It happened to theirs


Oh, definitive unknowns

Are all I’ve ever known

Since I’ve been here 

But hey, you say it’s all okay

You play me like a game

Flirting with fear

You say that I don’t have to play,

That I could walk away,

Get out of here  


When I get

Settled in

Put my keys in the drawers

I notice

My pocket

Has a hole from the outside it’s been torn


Nobody's looking

‘cause nobody's there

It’s such a shame here

They ran away scared

When I leave you

I won't look back

I would love to let you go


Like wisdom teeth

And appendices

I don’t need you

Oh no

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