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The smell of rain in the morning

I’ll let you know that you’re wanted

I’ll take the gray with the gold


Love you with both of my hands

Make you understand that

I’m still holding on


And I said that 

I’d be here when 

Your worst fears

Come alive

And I told you

That I’d hold you


When your pieces don’t fit right

When you come 



Warm tea heats cold fingers

I’ll make sure you remember

I’ll take the red and the blue


Love you with all of my soul

I’ll make sure to let you know

I won’t walk out on you


When your weather’s not fair

I’ll be there

Even when your momma and daddy are gone

When everybody in the world has done you wrong

I’ll stay closer than your bones

Written, performed, produced, and recorded by Shayla McDaniel 

Mixed and mastered by MiAH at The Sound Lair

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